We were in South Dakota in 2016. This was the state of the Crazy Horse Memorial at the time. What’s interesting is that this is being done by a family. The visionary, Korczak Ziolkowski (known as Korczak and pronounced Kor-zak), started this project in 1948. At the time of our visit that was 68 years ago! They did not / do not / will not accept public funds, so their work is slow and yet very beautiful. They are funded by donations and by visitors buying tour tickets and items from the gift shop.

This monument is so large, that the whole of Mount Rushmore could fit in the space behind the head of this statue. Mount Rushmore is 60 feet tall. By comparison, the Sphinx in Egypt is 70 feet tall, the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall, and this monument is 563 feet tall - the tallest sculpture in the world.

Description of the collage:

.. Lower Left: A metal model representing the final design in the foreground, with the current state carving in the background.

.. Top: Current state as of August 2016. The head is complete and they were working on the arm and hand (very hard to see from the ground). 

.. Lower Center: Our tour guide passed around a photo of himself standing near the head so we could see how enormous it really is. Our guide was over six feet tall. 

.. Lower Right: Unlike most places who do not want souvenirs taken from a site, these folks actually encouraged us to do so. In fact the guide said everyone should back up their vehicle and load it up with as much rock as we could carry. My wife did take one chunk that we now proudly have on display in our home.

They no longer give estimates of when it may be done, but considering that it’s taken 68 years to get this far, the guide guessed that it could take another hundred years to finish.

If you are ever in the area, it is worth a visit. If you would like to know more, here’s a link to their site: Crazy Horse Website

Due to copyright restrictions, we are not able to sell our amazing images of this magnificent monument. Thus, all of the above images are Copyright "The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation." As with my images, please do not screenshot or copy in any other way.

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