Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA - Marty Faulkner’s Fine Art Photography

Foggy Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day in San Francisco

In sepia.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California USA is such an iconic structure, isn't it. Opened in 1937. My grandparents and future parents walked it along with some 200,000 others on the day before automobiles were permitted.

The main suspension span is 4,200 feet in length. The length of the entire bridge seems to be in contention; I found "facts" stating it to be 1.2 to 1.7 miles in total with pedestrian sidewalks on both sides. It was the longest suspension span bridge for 44 years.

We only walked half way which is about 1.5 miles from the Marin County parking lot. It is said that it would be 3.5 miles to walk all the way across and back.  Another time, we rented bikes in San Francisco and rode them all the way to Sausalito (said to be eight miles), had lunch, then took a ferry boat back to SF to return the bikes.

The views while walking it are amazing, which you do not get to enjoy while biking - and concentrating on not running into the many pedestrians who are always present. Two other things noticed while biking that are not as obvious when walking - it is uphill from either direction toward the center, and it can be (very) windy, making it more of a challenge.

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