Old Pier Pilings - Marty Faulkner’s Fine Art Photography

Painterly Old Pier Pilings

View of old pier pilings (pier is gone due to old age).

Color image converted to Black and White, then pier colors restored and enhanced, then made to look like a painting.

These pier pilings just lent themselves to being photographed. The layout and curvature of these piers were both natural and entrancing. Of course, they weren't exactly these bright colors; the beautiful colors were hidden under years of aging. I was able to draw out the colors in my digital darkroom.

By the way, while I enhanced the colors I did not introduce nor change any of the colors; those were already part of the decaying wood; I just brought the colors to the surface and encouraged them to show themselves more vividly than they were doing on the bright sunny day as we walked by.

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