About Me - Marty Faulkner’s Fine Art Photography

Hi and thanks for visiting my website today.

I am Marty Faulkner - a photographer and photographic digital artist residing in both California and Arizona, USA.

On this site, you will see my fine art images made from photographs

To create my unique art I begin by taking photographs, mostly while traveling our beautiful United States and several amazing locations on other parts of planet Earth.

Once back home, I transform  selected images into photographic fine art in my advanced digital darkroom.

This site contains a selection of my artistic fine art images cultivated from thousands in my archive. 

My images are available for sale, as prints, on canvas, metal or acrylic as well as fun and useful products for you, your home, your office, or for gifts. To find out more, please click the link on the left or below which will take you to my Fine Art America website.

The Legal Stuff

Please note that all images are Copyright, Marty Faulkner, with All Rights Reserved. As such, right clicking and screenshots are NOT permitted. No usage of my images is permitted without my express written permission, or via purchase from my Fine Art America website. Any unauthorized usage will be prosecuted. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact me if any questions.

--- Marty Faulkner's Fine Art Photography

USA Phone: 1-510-685-6059

Email: Marty@FaulknerPhotographicArt.com

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